12 Jewelry Bloggers You Want To Follow

Liza @ Gemologue by Liza Urla Liza is a multicultural jewelry blogger and professional gemologist.  Her blog is exceptional – and not just because of its super cool title.   It is professionally pieced together and is presented in English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian.  She travels the world to document her jewelry findings and interviews A-list celebrities, designers, and fashion models.  In this blog, you will see beautiful imagery of Liza modeling all types of jewelry. Congratulations on the Best Fashion Blog in the UK Blog Awards this year Liza. Daniele Miele @ Gem Gossip Blog creator, Danielle Miele, documents jewelry...

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Trending: Collar Necklace

Trending: Collar Necklaces May 16, 2016 Cheryl Kremkow Jewelry Trends Tags: Ana Katarina, Ana Khouri, Antonio Bernardo, Collars, Collette,Efva Attling, Jill Hoffmeister, Lyn Ban, Madstone, Maison Margiela, Marli, Meredith Kahn, Nada G, Necklaces, Pamela Love, Pasquale Bruni,Roseark, Sharon Khazzam, Stephen Webster, Suzanne Kalan 4 Comments Although chokers are getting all the press, a much stronger and wider jewelry trend is the collar necklace. What’s the difference? Although the lines blur, I’m going to draw them between a necklace that wraps the neck like a ribbon and a necklace that rings it, resting on the shoulder. Collars are much more wearable...

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Spraying is communicative behavior male cats engage in for a variety of reasons. As the urine emitted in spraying is pungent, and can cause stains to furniture and carpets, spraying can be a problem for many cat owners. If your cat is spraying, there are a variety of ways to correct the issue. 1)Know the difference between spraying and urinating. Spraying, or urine marking, is communicative behavior that can be caused by a variety of factors. Urinating, however, is usually due to need and can often be attributed to a litter box issue alone. Spraying marks are found on vertical...

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Ultimate Cat Secrets

If you are a true cat lover, this is the most important letter you'll read all year. "Who Else Wants To Discover The Secrets To Having A Perfectly Well Behaved, Healthy, Happy Cat That Makes You The Envy Of All Your Friends?" Check it out here

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